The new NRM App hoped to improve scientific campaigns

A new for the National Resistance Movement party will be soon launched to allow voters and electoral candidates  freely interact via internet as Uganda heads for the scientific elections come 2021.

The application allows users to access any information on NRM activities and achievements, ask questions to their candidates and the current leaders of NRM. Not only that, the app also allows candidates a platform  to launch their manifestos  to their voters.

According to Saad Sumayah , one of the minds behind the development says that this new development is timely as it comes at a time when the country is heading to campaigns leading to next year’s elections.

“We considered that Uganda was going to have the first time ever scientific election because of COVID-19 and realised that candidates would find it hard to reach their supporters. This platform will help bring this gap”.

The App, which is both Android and iOS  is currently in 5 different local languages but others will be added as demand arises. It is mainly for NRM supporters and it will include NRM updates, Ask the President, Secretary General slot, NRM live events, NRM Manifesto, Media teams, community engagements and more.

“The platform provides an opportunity to all voters and average Ugandans to ask questions directly to their leaders. It has also all contacts of RDCs and their deputies and any other information that you may need especially about the NRM party. We urge all Ugandans to utilize the new development and take active participation in politics with out having to risk their lives”, Sumayah added.

The application has been developed by a team at Afrosoft IT Solutions Uganda Ltd, an innovation hub that has been helping young entrepreneurs and innovations to develop technologies that help the communities.

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