As an embedded engineering company, we are ready to design & develop the system, application software & embedded hardware

Afrosoft IT Solutions is offering a wide portfolio of services in the area of custom hardware and software development, mainly in the five basic activity areas and in practically every industry sector.

What you get with us

Afrosoft IT Solutions is the company that has the in-house resources and capabilities to create powerful hardware and sophisticated firmware from scratch as well as perform complex machine to machine integration leveraging the experience we have accumulated completing challenging technical tasks in dozens of projects for various industries.

On time, within budget

With sound project planning in place, we always meet expectations. We make accurate cost and schedule estimates for our development projects

Effective Communication

Despite the difference in time zones, we stay in constant communication with our clients and are ready to adjust to your work schedule

Broad tech stack

With our knowledge of a variety of main modern technologies, we can build firmware and software for all platforms

Hopeless projects rescue

Our unique team of geeks and scientists allows us to solve the most hopeless and non-trivial tasks

Agile best practices

At the end of an iteration, we demo each completed story in a working, tested system to receive your feedback and adjust the backlog for the next iteration

Guaranteed support

We guarantee free support services for a certain period of time after your project has been completed and launched to market