Jaguza Tech Collects $27k in Grant Prize

In a span of one week, AgriTech startup; Jaguza Tech has managed to collect — [to be exact] USD$27,566.08 (UGX102,000,000) in grant prize. To break down the startup managed to secure UGX100M (USD$27,025.57) from the NIISP and UGX2M (USD$540.51) from the recent ended Africa Blockchain pitch competition.

NIISP is a government funded program that aims at creating a sustainable ecosystem for ICT innovations and support ICT innovators and developers at large in Uganda. The program in its second year of running saw 665 startups signing up for the fund. However, only 60 startups were selected to receive the grant.

Out of the 60 startups, 11 of them were AgriTech startups, including Jaguza who bagged UGX100 million (USD$27,123.06). It were Jaguza, Akellobanker, and Patasente in the agriculture category who received the most [UGX100M).

In the Africa Blockchain pitch competition, the Jaguza emerged as second runners-up receiving a grant prize of USD$2,000 (UGX7,373,800). The overall winner and the first runners-up; Innovex and Pesa Base respectively. With Innovex receiving USD$5,000 and Pesa Base receiving USD$3,000.

A Jaguza tags being place on the cow’s ear to help monitor its health. File Photo/Jaguza

The pitch competition was held for innovators with a passion for developing sustainable digital solutions leveraging technologies in blockchain, big data, AI, robotics & drones — to solve pressing challenges across their communities.

Founded by Mr. Ronald Katamba, Jaguza Tech developed a mobile application and a drone to help farmers monitor, and manage their livestock.

The Jaguza Livestock App is used to monitor the animal’s health including; the heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and its whereabouts. The app is connected to chip that is embedded to an RFID tag attached to the cattle. The data extracted from the chip is sent to a farmers device that can either be a PC or a mobile phone. Upon receiving a notification, the farmer takes action as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the drone under implementation — monitors the livestock from above. This becomes helpful to especially farmers with large herds of cattle. The drone has a chip and thermal cameras that directly communicate with the microchip on the RFID tag of the cattle — detecting the well-being of the animal.

Our reporter holding what appears to be one of the Jaguza drones. They are equipped with thermal cameras. File Photo/Jaguza

Jaguza is leveraging the use of Internet of Things (IoT) to play a role in improving and modernizing the agriculture sector in Uganda.

Jaguza is currently operating in Uganda, Mozambique Namibia and Fiji. Plans to expand to other countries in the next few years. In Uganda, the technology is being used in Entebbe, Kayunga, Pallisa and Nakifuma districts. Jaguza plans to expand to Western areas of Uganda, starting with Mbarara.

“We’re now moving to western districts and our first district will be Mbarara soon next month,” said Katamba when contacted by our reporter.

Notably, Jaguza emerged as semi-finalists in the 2019 AgriHack Pitch competition. The annual competition is an initiative by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation that supports entrepreneurs in ICTs for agriculture through capacity building and funding to accelerate youth employment and agricultural transformation.

Jaguza for their innovation, were selected along with other 9 startups from Uganda. In a total, there were 104 AgriTech startups selected for this competition for a chance of winning Up to €15,000 (approx. UGX62.2 million) in grant.

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