Linux & Unix Administration
Thin client installation & Configuration
E-mail Server installation & configuration
Web Server and Installation
Proxy Server Installation
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SharePoint Designer
Custom webparts development
Workflow integration & Info Path form designs
Active Directory
Component Dev`t in ASP.Net
Implementation and deployment of SharePoint sites
Website Design
Professional, Creative designs for business
Content Management Systems
Graphics Design
Enterprise Application Design
Sharepoint server 2010/2013
Windows server 2008/2012.
Exchange server 2010/2013.
Linq Server configuration
Android App Development
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IoT Application
Jaguza Livestock Application
Microsoft .Net
Training / Development

Custom Solutions

Committed to delivering unique, flexible, and scalable solutions that meet specific business needs.

  • Effective Workflow Automation
  • Improved and Timely Execution
  • Enhanced Process Control
  • Consistency, Reliability, and Accuracy

24/7 Support

We’re committed to providing the best support to enable you focus on the core business activities.

  • Email & Phone
  • Automated Ticket Logging
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • Guaranteed 3-12 Months duty free


All Products and Services are packaged to suit both your business needs and pocket size.

  • Flexible Monthly payments
  • A choice of product packages
  • Component Based Billing
  • Multiple Service Offers


Empowering you with the ability to overcome business challenges through a fast, focused, collaborative and iterative process.

  • A broad Services Portfolio
  • Knowledge-based Services
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Unceasing Innovations

Health Projects

Health Projects/Programs (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Marketing, Health Facility Management Solutions).

Finance & Trade

Development of Finance and Trade Management Information Systems.


Value Chain Enhancement and Climate Smart Farming.

Government & NGOs

Public Service, Civil Society and Community Based Initiatives

Livelihood Improvement Projects

Livelihood Improvement Projects (Children and Gender- Orphans and Vulnerable),

Customer Service

We provide our clients with great Customer servicee before, during and after purchasing and using our goods and services. This great customer service provides an experience that help us be in position to meet our customer’s expectations. It produces satisfied customers.

M & E Systems

Improve performance and achieve results through our M&E process. Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact. It is mainly used to assess the performance of projects, institutions and programmes that you set up and create links between the past, present and future actions.

System Development

We have been at the fore-front of many Government and Non-Government projects in Uganda and the East African Region providing solutions in Software development, data management and customized training, process re-engineering, Technology strategies and system audits.

Process Pre-Engineering

Fundamentally transform the way work is performed by re-thinking old processes, procedures, practices, and policies through organisational process re-engineering. Enhance business process improvement through sustainable data solutions.

Consultancy Services

IT consultation is more than necessity in today’s business, and critical to your business growth and success. That’s why at Afrosoft IT Solutions we provide you with cutting edge IT consultation that empowers your business to embrace the potential of IT through sustainable data solutions.

Web Hosting

All of our web hosting plans are carefully tailored. On top of the standard features like 24/7 technical support, 99.9% up-time, etc., we add our own custom-made solutions to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.


Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel. With a user interface based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, with specialized user interfaces for televisions (Android TV), cars (Android Auto), and wrist watches (Android Wear).

ODK- Open Data Kit

ODK Collect is a powerful tool to rapidly gather complex data types in the field using Android smartphones. The software is free, the source code is open, and the community is very active. Using ODK Collect with Formhub requires the creation of an Excel file that contains the questions, formatting instructions and data validation conditions that will allow enumerators collect data on smartphones.

MVC Pattern

Model-View-Controller is the concept introduced by Smalltalk’s inventors (TrygveReenskaug and others) of encapsulating some data together with its processing (the model) and isolate it from the manipulation (the controller) and presentation (the view) part that has to be done on a User Interface.


At Afrosoft Uganda, our SharePoint consultants provide internet and intranet based SharePoint solutions which help organization in improving collaboration, document management and sharing, build and host websites, provides centralized content management systems, create custom web applications and increases speed of business decision making.

Java Technology

Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is the underlying technology that powers state-of-the-art programs including utilities, games, and business applications. The use of technology to support business processes and policies in place attracts the innovations of embedded systems.

ILISO Consult

Proposal evaluation and vendor selection process for the upgrade of their current ERP solution, contract and vendor performance management.

Supply of computer equipment (backup drives, network switches et cetera).

Upcom International

Re-implemented the financial system based on a new society strategic plan from 2011. The assignment included provision of various strategic management reports and further customization of the system, and training of users.

Makerere Full Gospel Church

Designed and hosted a content management system website for the Christina ministry. It is a basis of interaction of the ministry with its supporters, and music funs. It runs various modules like verse of the day, prayer request, calendar, picture galleries, and many others.


Provision of general support to Uospa financial system through the period of 2013/2014, including design of various additional reports, and training of staff. And Design their website.


SMS Application for helping farmers to access prices and crop diseases on their Phone. SMS based two-way query answering system

NCST System

Developed there SharePoint Server and implement their workflow for Leave System, Requisition form and integrating there Exchange server into SharePoint server 2010

UNATU System

Develop a Teachers Database  SMs application and mobile application for storing Teacher information

NBS Web & TV

Developed the NBS TV website as well as all the mobile apps for Android, Windows and Apple.

Agrinet Uganda Ltd

Designed and host a content management system website that the organisation uses to show case it activities. The system, located at is updated by the users via blog, rss feeds, and forums

Marstel Consult Uganda Ltd

Designed and host a content management system website that the organisation uses to show case it activities. The system, located at is updated by the users via blog, rss feeds, and forums.

Prime Microfinance Ltd

Developed their Payroll and HRM System(Human Resource Management) and  there IT Support for Servers  computers and Printers.

Technology View our work

At afrosoft Uganda we use a variety of web technologies to ensure a successful completion of your web application including:

Sharepoint Development

At Afrosoft Uganda, our SharePoint

Microsoft .NET Development

Afrosoft is working in Microsoft .NET

Java Programming

Afrosoft  is a conspicuous name as Java

PHP Development

PHP language is considered one of the

Mobile & Web Applications

Afrosoft Uganda web application

Mobile Software Development

Today changing competitive business

Our Clients View Our Work

The growth of Afrosoft IT Solution depends on our clients who work with us to see a change in the ways of doing work

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Company Director

Katamba Ronald


I am the founder of the company with the aim of accelerating IT integration in Africa.Am also technologist and social entrepreneur, who has a passion of working with rural communities in technology and entrepreneurship. With a focus on agriculture, Health, Education and natural resources management in developing and emerging regions.

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